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If You’re a Dog Person You love being with them ALL the time and You’ll CRY when they’re gone!

I’m a Hard-core Dog Lover who knows how Important our DOGS become to us, and I also KNOW what it feels like to LOSE them as well.

That’s why I do a thing that I call Reframing DOG Images…

It’s a passion I that I found after dealing with the loss of my dog Cody, who lived with me for almost 19 years.

When my old boy Cody died I was devastated!

So I located every digital image of him I could find… some of them have my girl Lola in them too.

When I collected enough of them I started doing whatever I could think of to edit, alter, and enhance them to  immortalize my kids.

The result became what I call digitally reframing them and now I do this work for others.

Sketch Art Designs Started with CODY

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I started to make them for other folks too!

These are examples… NOT images of people I have worked for

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If you have a fur baby, consider what I do for your kids because sometimes it’s what you do while you’ve got them that will get you through missing them when they’re gone!

I will help you Affordably immortalize your best friend, while he or she is still with you, by turning images that you have now, into…

Sketch Art Designs

Sketch Art Designs by LeapFrog Creatives

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