About Me

Hello! Since you're here, I might as well tell you my life story...

My name is Fred Ferguson, and the two “most important things” I want you to know about me, is I’m a “Till Death Do Us Part” dog lover (I love my dogs like Oxygen) and I’m also a very skilled marketer.


Cody and Lola snuggled up


I’ve had dogs in my life since day one. I was a two-dog daddy to Cody (a pug cross) & Lola (a Chihuahua cross) until June 11, 2018, when I lost Cody at almost 19 years of age.

I still have Lola, at 11 years old, but even after a year, I still miss Cody terribly… as if he’d just died yesterday.

With regard to my business skills, I grew up in a family business which was a gas station.


Back in the day...


And I’ve been selling products and services for almost 60 years with over half of that time successfully selling real estate.

While I was in the real estate business, I discovered how to manipulate graphics to get attention to my seller’s listings, and quickly find the very best buyers. This allowed me to get much faster sales and higher selling prices.

My images were so unique, and got such successful results, I was able to separate myself from my competitors, and become a leader in my field. I retired from real estate 2016 and decided to try my hand at online marketing.

Since graphics had been so powerful for me in my real estate career, I chose to continue with them in my online marketing and sold my own creatives products. Only recently I decided to make my services available to others.

I've found a unique way to layer text & graphics onto images to command attention in particularly noisy marketing environments.

My “pattern interrupter” graphics are perfect for standing out in a crowd and instantly conveying a clear concise message which is perfect for your marketing and branding.

Do check out my samples and order what you need. You'll be glad you did.